Gallus Gallus

We prioritize the Portuguese breeds, the Pedrês, the Black, the White and the Yellow, but we have many more.

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Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Class Aves

Order Galliformes

Family Phasianidae

Genus Gallus

Species G. Gallus


here are 4 breeds of Portuguese chickens, resulting from the domestication of the Asian wild rooster. They are easily distinguished through their colors.

The Galinha Pedrês Portuguesa, originally from Minho and eventually distributed throughout the country, is mainly admired in the North region, for its plumage, vitality, rusticity and resistance. It has always been associated with small landholdings and agricultural subsistence systems in Minho and Trás-os-Montes.

The Black Lusitanian Chicken is esteemed for the quality and delicacy of its meat, its ability to lay and hatch and for the sobriety and elegance of its black plumage. It has an ancient connection to witchcraft and occult practices, believed to offer protection against the evil eye.

The White Chicken is a common presence in Portuguese chicken coops. Its beauty, combined with the productivity and quality of its carcasses, makes it a reference. However, she is the one with the lowest fertility rates.

The Yellow Chicken is an indigenous breed, raised extensively in the northern region. It is distinguished by its rusticity and resistance, ability to adapt to the environment and productive aptitude. Their eggs are often used to make a variety of delicious traditional dishes and sweets. These chickens are associated with traditional fertility beliefs and are offered to saints such as Santa Justa and S. Bento.

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Guinea Fowl

The Guinea Fowl, "Pet Speckled Hen" or "Original Fowl" originated from Africa, and they are a very nervous birds.


We prioritize the Portuguese breeds, the Pedrês, the Black, the White and the Yellow, but we have many more.

Domestic Goose

The Domestic Goose is a bird characterized by its orange beak and legs and gray and white plumage.

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O Pato Mudo é uma ave originária da América Central e do Sul, onde foi domesticada pelas culturas indígenas.

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The American Wild Turkey, as the name implies, is a bird native to North America and the heaviest member of the Galliformes.


All domestic rabbit types are derived from the wild European rabbit.


The Hedgehog is easily recognizable by its spines, which cover the entire body except the snout and belly.

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