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Ile de France Sheep & dwarf goats currently available, please contact us for more details

Meet Us

A farm full of wildlife

Many and varied animals inhabit the farm. Meet our species through our guided tours, exclusive for guests, available upon booking.

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Ornamental Species
More than 40 specimens

You will be able to know several species of Pheasants, Peacocks, Ostriches, Ducks, llamas, Geese, Swans, Guinea-Fowls and Canaries.

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Game Species
Singular Species, born and raised in QSF

Our farm has rare species such as Black Fallow-Deers, Deers and Mouflons.

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Our dogs are part of the Family

We do not have a pack, but rather a diverse group of different dog breeds.

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Farm Animals
Free-Range Tradition

QSF has all the farm animals which must inhabit a classic Alentejo farm.

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Sheeps & Goats
Ovines raised with Tradition & knowledge

QSF has been an Ile de France sheep breeder since 1986, having populated the Alentejo, Portugal and Spain with its specimens.

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Espécies Cinegéticas
Espécies singulares nascidas e criadas na QSF.

A nossa quinta dispõe de espécies pouco comuns como os Gamos Negros, Veados e Muflões.

Quinta da Sagrada Família is a registered aNIMAL BREEDER. Get in touch if you are looking for a specimen.

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Vegetable Garden
A Seasonal and Homely Harvest

The garden produces the typical vegetables of the season, for internal consumption by residents and guests. Guests can order from the latest harvest at the reception.

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