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Below you can find a List of Frequently Asked Questions
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The longer I stay lodged at QSF, the lower the price per night?

This is true, the price of the stay drops 10 € per night until a week has passed. A stay that costs € 140 on the first night, costs € 80 on the 7th night, resulting in an average daily price of 110€ per night.

Am I allowed to “late check-in” at QSF?

With prior reservation, assuming that your booking is fully regularized, it is possible to do a late “check-in” at QSF, as the main entrance and the houses are equipped with “Homeit” door opening systems. Hence, you are provided with an access code which, upon entry in the system, allows you to enter and leave at any time you want.

How are the pools and when are they open?

QSF has 2 pools, for both adults and children. These are opened during the daytime hours and are available to guests all year round in the shared garden

Does QSF have a house adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, QSF’s House Romã is specifically adapted for people with reduced mobility. The access to the house is made by ramp, which has a suitable slope. The sanitary installation also meets all the necessary requirements. The architecture of the house took into account the rotation diameters of a wheelchair.

Does QSF have free WiFi?

Yes, QSF offers free WiFi in all houses. At check in, you will be given the respective password. It is fast and suitable for guests doing remote work

While staying at QSF, can I cook my own meals?

QSF houses have a kitchen equipped with everything required for cooking and enjoying your own meals. You can also purchase some food products at the QSF Store, namely pies, canned goods, chutneys, fricassees, jams, cookies, cakes, honey, milk, alcoholic drinks, juices, water, coffee, cocoa etc.

Is it possible to enjoy meals outdoors at QSF?

Yes, it is possible at the QSF garden. This lawn space, with restricted exclusive guest access, has granite tables and benches, where you can have a drink or eat a meal.

Can I buy fresh vegetables produced at QSF?

Upon ordering at the Reception / QSF Store, we can supply you fresh vegetables produced on the farm. However, being produced in a natural and traditional way, only seasonal products will be made available, in limited quantities.

Is it possible to visit the farm during my stay at QSF?

It is possible for QSF guests to visit the farm during their stay, as long as they previously book a guided tour at the reception.

How much does the visit to Quinta da Sagrada Família cost?

The visit has an individual cost of € 5. However, this amount can be used to make purchases at the QSF Store. Thus, it serves as a symbolic cost.

How to get to the city centre of Evora from QSF?

QSF is at a 20 min walking distance from the city centre, but there are TREVO buses that you may take or you may rent a bike from one of our partners

Is Quinta da Sagrada Família in the city of Évora?

The QSF farm, with an area of 5 acres, lies within the urban perimeter of Évora, at the entrance to the city for those arriving from Lisbon. As a reference, 100m West of QSF we have EvoraHotel and 100m East, we have McDonalds.

Is my dog accepted at QSF houses?

Your dog is accepted inside the QSF houses, subject to prior notice and with a supplementary fee. If necessary, the QSF also has kennels.

Can I feed the QSF animals?

From the garden or on during your visit, you can feed the animals if the QSF staff accompanying you allows it. In the absence of QSF personnel, please do not feed the animals. Our animals have adapted diets so any changes can cause intolerances and unwanted reactions.

Does QSF also sell animals?

Yes, in addition to tourism, QSF has livestock and agricultural activities. We have been registered animal producers for over thirty years. QSF was one of the first regional producers of Ile de France sheep, though it also has other species that you can consult on our website, from canids to ornamental & game species.

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