Canis Familiaris

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Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Class Mammalia

Order Carnívora

Suborder Caniformia

Family Canidae

Genus Canis

Species C. Lupus

Species C. L. Familiaris


hey are short haired Vizsla dogs or Hungarian Pointers.

Originally from Hungary, they are derivate from crossings between various breeds, sabueso de panomia, slougui and english pointer. They are intelligent, faithful, affectionate and balanced.

The Vizlas are high speed sniffer dogs. They are calm and learn with relative ease. Vizlas are very attached to their owners and like to be a part of their routine.

They are medium–large sized. Generally, the male measures between 58 and 64cm and the females 54-60cm. They are always attentive, holding a beautiful and firm body expression.

Their hair is very short, smooth and soft. Vizlas can have two variations in color: rust and gold. Stains may be seen on their chest and legs. Their eyes tend to have a similar color to that of their hair. Their tail is long.

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