German Pointer

Canis Familiaris

We are Esteva and Ginja, mother & daughter.

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Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Class Mammalia

Order Carnívora

Suborder Caniformia

Family Canidae

Genus Canis

Species C. Lupus

Subspecies C. L. Familiaris


e are german short-haired pointers, elegant, small, rustic and resistant. We are versatile and have great energy!

Males measure between 62-66cm and females between 58-63cm. Males weight 25-31kg and females weigh20-27kg. Their fur is short, rough and straight. The coloring may be brown, ruo, black, dark and light, with or without spots or splashes.

Curiosity: in the XVIII century, the german braco was considered to be a pudgy animal, which lead to its crossing with english pointers in the search for a lighter, more athletic animal, with stronger muscles.

The german pointers are considered to be exceptional sniffers and can be used for hunting, whether it be birds or mammals. They are also very good at collecting game on both land and water.

The german pointer breed seems to have its origins on a crossing between spanish pointers and bloodhound dogs. Nonetheless, other sources claim that the german pointer was derivated from crosses between the italian pointer and the spanish bloodhound.

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German Pointer

We are Esteva and Ginja, mother & daughter.

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